Saturday, October 30, 2010

Colour Abounds.

Summer has arrived in the garden. My lovely Copper Beech is now fully clothed in it's new leaves. Only a few days ago it was half there . See how it gets the leaves near the top first.
Roses are bursting into flower.

This is a bud of rose Meg. She has a beautiful face with prominant stamens but a very little perfume. If you look at the right hand edge of the photo, flower heads can be seen hanging from the Scarlet Oak tree, above. ( click to enlarge ).

Soozii the blue Siberian Irises are out.
Clumps of pale pink Tritonia are looking lovely. ( the odd orange ones have crept in somehow )

I thought I had lost this old blue climbing pea but it showed up again against the trellis ( which is in need of repair ). I must save some seed and replant it somewhere else in the garden so I don't lose it. My late Mum used to have it in her garden when I was a child.
The smell of Philadelphus is in the air as the first bush begins to flower. I love my Summer garden and hope to spend time there later weeding and dead heading.
*Best Wishes to Helen K who reads this blog;  but doesn't have one. Thanks for your email; I hope your recovery from brain surgery goes well.
* Have  a pleasant weekend everyone. Our weather is again warm and sunny, I hope yours is okay too.

* Yesterday some of the bees who got left behind from the swarm were too friendly....I had to move away, just as a precaution you understand!


molly said...

Gorgeous flowers and that piercing blue sky is beautiful! The Bean thanks you for the information and will tell me the names to pass along....We are probably not far north enough to get adequate chilling time...But they sure looked pretty last summer. I especially like the leaves when they're new and heart shaped and reddish pink in colour!

Bubble said...

It looks gorgeous Ali. Scary bees though xxxx

Meggie said...

Your garden is a delight.
I am allergic to bee stings, so would be steering well clear!

Suzy said...

Your beautiful tree is lovely, as usual. Thanks for the Iris - mine have just about finished their flowering.

Shirley Goodwin said...

It's a lovely time of year, isn't it?