Monday, November 15, 2010


With all the lovely quilts to show you that I admired at Calico Christmas, I had not shown you my purchases I made that day. I spent some time deciding which new book I really wanted and settled on Gloria Loughman's, " Quilted Symphony." I much admire her quilts. I am very pleased with it and have almost read every word. I know I will reread it when I am working on a project that requires the skills she outlines in the book.
 Does anyone else have this book?
 I also purchased 2 new fabrics that took my eye at Milton Wright's stand.
They are Jinny Beyer fabric -  "Sophia," They go together. One an all over print the other has long border strips.
 I also purchased a pack of hand dyed felt; a tape measure ( gift ) a calendar ( already showed you that ) and a pattern for a sun hat....not at all sure how I will like that. The fabric it is made from may well decide how it turns out. ( more on that when I eventually get to sew it ).
        It is a drizzily morning here today. We really need rain so  I hope it either stops or rains properly.


Joyce said...

I have that book but haven't made anything using her techniques. It looks very interesting. Maybe the next piece...

Deb said...

Oh I did pick that up and look at it. It looked like a fabulous book. You were very restrained in your buying. Have you noticed I haven't posted about my purchases yet lol. It would take several blog posts!!