Saturday, October 22, 2011

At Class on Day 1.

Just to get your are some of Hazel's quilts and wall hanging tossed on the seat at the front of the room. ( the ones we were supposed to be looking at are at the front. ) Today I was taking a class with Quilter Hazel Foot from Auckland.
There were lots of paints and pens and shiva sticks and stamps and stencils and pastels for us to play with.The uses for each were demonstrated, by Hazel.
This is one of hazel's sample wall hangings. We were aiming to make something along these lines. We had to take along photos or pictures to print onto tissue paper.
1.Iron the tissue paper.
2. sellotape your tissue to a page of A4 printer paper.
3. lay your photo or photos onto the printer glass (in the printer.)
4. print. ( the image will be slightly more blurred than normal.)
5.Iron some Vliesofix to a piece of plain light coloured  fabric or calico.
6. peel paper off Vliesofix.
7. lay your tissue image onto the exposed side of the fabric where you have just removed the backing paper.
8. iron till tissue adheres.
9. trim to size required and use as you would a picture printed on photo fabric paper.
 This is a much cheaper way of getting photos for a wall hanging.

 That is the easy part. Now audition fabrics you have to make a layout that is pleasing to the eye, remembering all the things teacher has just told us about balance and contrast and value and variety. ( here are mine above as I am trying and playing with ideas.) I then had to take all the parts off the green fabric so I could cut and sew. I have completed the top left hand part to my liking by home time. Once some parts are cut and sewn they are much more cohesive and I can see where I am headed. ( encouraging.)

I don't think I have seen a messier workplace.  But we all knew what we were doing ( sort of )
We were good at this part....having afternoon tea.......that's my chair ...the empty one. It was a lovely warm day to eat outside.   Day 2 tomorrow.


Marlene said...

Looks like alot of fun . Loving your letter boxes

YankeeQuilter said...

I like finding ways to use photos in quilting! The best classes are always a bit messy...more fun that way!

Meggie said...

Looks like you all had a great day. What an interesting class!