Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Tinge of Pink, a Tinge of Green.

A tinge of pink on the Cherry blossom trees on the driveway will turn into a profusion of fluffy delight, over the next few days if the weather allows. ( I got naughty and picked some - the trees are huge now so it won't hurt.) I had to dodge the bees who were excited with the flowering. They have SO much to forage on at the moment - the rata and rosemary are literally crawling with bees. )
A tinge of green is the new grass. Look Nicky it's up! This is day 11 from sowing.

This is day 12 ( today ). It is noticeable from a distance but not when looking straight down on it. SO I lay on my front to get this moonscape effect. Watching grass grow!!!

There is also a little mauve around as this climbing pea on the trellis by the woodshed ( a rather ugly area ) comes into flower. For me this is a well remembered flower. My late Mum grew one on a white trellis in our country garden at Tutaenui, over 50 years ago.
Helen I forgot to tell you where you could find Village Fabrics.( it belongs to the couple that previously had Tautau Lodge. ) It is on State Highway 2( the main road between Tauranga and Katikati. ) From Tauranga you pass through Bethlehem, cross the Wairoa River bridge up a hill and there it is in the corner of the state highway and Clarke Road. The buildings used to be a packing shed but now it's called Village 7. It's worth a stop for sure. As well as the Quilt shop there is Cafe Paradiso; a garden ornament shop, an art and gift shop, an antiques shop, a garden pot shop and a tasty pantry shop.
Today is R's Birthday. He says he doesn't like them...but he is glad to get the books I bought him and the phone call from son in Somerset, etc.  He  just doesn't like the thought of getting old - Who does?  In his farm diary for today it said. World Vegetarian Day and International Day of the Older Person. Ha, that really upset him!

The front page of last evening's paper. Suddenly folk around here are realising what a big impact it will have on the area if PSA virus keeps spreading. To date a known 312 orchards have the virus. One in Waihi and one in Katikati, now. So it is on both sides of us now. Zespri International the Kiwifruit Marketer says it could cost the area NZ$100 million in overseas earnings next year. ( most of that from the BOP. )
What does the future hold?
                Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Nicky said...

Woohoo it's up! Looking good, love how dedicated you are to getting a great shot. lol

What a nightmare for the kiwifruit industry, such a waste, and sad for all those who have their livelihoods invested in their orchards. Wishing you luck in avoiding the nasties.

Meggie said...

Shocked and sad to see the news about Kiwifruit.
Congrats to your son, & fiancee. And Happy Birthday to R.
I am enjoying catching up on your lovely posts.