Sunday, October 09, 2011

Not Getting Everything Done.

I think I know why I am not getting everything done. Could it be that there are too many exciting World Cup Rugby matches on TV ? ( yes it could ) Never mind just a few more weeks and it will be all over. Yesterday issue # 77 of the NZ Quilter arrived in the mail  - I haven't read a word of it yet( luckily it will keep ).
This is my old workbox that sits by my couch at the moment. I only started this ball last week and have it stuffed already. It's a bit like knitting for me. I have made so many ( this is ball 21 ) I can do it without thinking or to put it another way with one eye on the TV screen.
But one day last week when it was raining I did cut out some trial pieces for my next quilt. I won't show it till I am really sure that is what and how I am doing it.

Grass Report. The new patch is doing really well. A few weeds can be seen; not many; but I have walked on it to remove them and am constantly watching for anything foreign appearing. The rest of the lawn actually needs mowing so that may happen later today. It will be it's first Spring cut. Meanwhile I noticed all around the garden the hostas are appearing ( slug and snail war begins ).

This is the one with big leaves by the blue waterlily bowl. The spikes are impressive as they poke through the ground. The new piece of garden ( ex Agapanthus patch ) is slowly taking on colour. It is just too sparce at the moment. The individual plants are lovely and bright. Like these nemesias and the velvet red petunia.( which should spread to fill a much bigger area. )

Half an hour ago my dear elderly Aunt aged 88.5  rang up. We don't ring each other very often but when we do we have a lovely catch up. She too is an avid rugby watcher so was right up with the play so to speak, about that. She has always been my most special relly of that generation and is still so busy for her age. Her mind is sharp as still and that is wonderful.
It is a bright and beautiful day in BOP. We are all anxiously watching what will happen with the stranded tanker sitting off our coastline. Apparently cracks are appearing in the hull. They are desperately trying to contain the oil spill; but were totally unprepared for such a thing ;( many people including one around here thinks the shipping company may have done it on purpose to claim insurance....would anyone be so environmentally irresponsible as that ? )
 What else nasty can happen in BOP. As if the kiwifruit disease wasn't scary enough. Life certainly has it's ups and downs. Go the ABs!


Jennifer said...

Oh good, my NZ Quilter should arrive soon....I hope so! Have heard here on the news about the oil tanker in BOP, hope all goes well with it. We have had similar things happen here in Australia, in fact I believe some Aussies with experience in oil spills have already gone to NZ.

Unknown said...

You should be on this side of the globe Ali - because of the time difference the quarter finals are being shown live at 6am and 8.30am yesterday and today - boy is it playing absolute havoc with my weekend lie-ins :) - so sad that England are out although the way they played yesterday they deserved it :( - I do hope they sort out the container ship spill - my DH (who knows a little about these things) is appalled they haven't jettisoned the containers before things got this bad - money talks I'm afraid

Shirley Goodwin said...

Have you heard that Diana Parkes has died? I believe there is an article about her in the latest NZ Quilter.

The oil spill sounds awful - I see it has reached the Mount beaches.

Meggie said...

Love seeing your garden. Mine is bald an weedy at present. Son is in the process of redoing it all for me.
We spent the weekend watching the Rugby, - which is uneard of, for me! I did enjoy the games for the most part.
As to that tanker- disgraceful.

Pam said...

Well, I feel really good that one way that I don't spend time is watching rugby. I have far too many ways of achieving nothing as it is!

Digitalgran said...

Just watched the end of the World Cup as I read this! Now we know who are the champions! Pity it was not Wales ther in the final with them, just by one point. Drat.