Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Presents;Day 2 and Fruit Trees.

Last week I got a present....not what most of you would expect ...but very much needed.... R went and bought me a new seat for my tractor. The old one was so badly cracked and falling apart I was uncomfortable driving on it.( Farmgirl and Chookyblue would understand that to keep me working I have to have the gear! )

 Day 2 of our class with Hazel Foot.
On day 2 of our class at the weekend  J was the first to put borders on her work.

R is busy working on her turquoise hangings which turned into 2 to go side by side.

J's theme was Japanese...she photocopied part of a panel she had ( the lady ), so she didn't have to cut up her panel!
Mine is coming along okay. Lots of quilting and embellishing still to do. This morning we had to go to the city so I rushed into Spotlight ( new in Tauranga )( my first visit since they opened ) and got a gold stamp pad some gold fabric paint and a few other bits.I am thinking a of using some feathers too.                                               ................................

Some blueberries are setting well this year - I hope to get lots.
Now this I am very excited about. The new plum tree has set quite a few fruit and so far it seems to be's first effort. Also the new apple tree is flowering at the moment so that is great. We will maybe let it have 4 or 6 fruit this time.
 I have been busy working, so not a lot of blogging time. I have decided watching World Cup Rugby finals is not good for my health. On Sunday I got to watch the netball between NZ and Oz and could happily watch that knowing we had won that by one point also. So maybe that's the way for future watching. Know the score first then relax and enjoy it!


Deb said...

I am liking how your wall hanging is turning out. Good to hear there is a Spotlight in Tauranga now. Whereabouts is it? No doubt we will be over that way again soon although Rena put us off going over at Labour Weekend.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Deb,
Spotlight in Tauranga is on Cameron Road. When driving from the city towards Greerton it is on the left in a newish big shopping complex. Just past Girls' College. There are some other interesting shops right beside( cooking and food shops. )
Today volunteers are back working on the oil on the beach which got buried earlier but has now shown up again at the high tide mark. Quite small little blobs are all being collected.

Janice said...

It must be the time for tractor seat maintenance. Mick borrowed a neighbour'sold tractor to slash our place and the owner was going to put a new seat on it, so Mick did that job for him yesterday. How handy having a Spotlight close. We have one in town and I seem to be in there all the time.

Nicky said...

Nice present ........ my hubby won't let me near 'his' tractor ......... it's his favourite place to be! He's just got a new(to him) tractor and it's his pride and joy....
I love the look of your class pieces you're all making, they are all turning out so differently!

Meggie said...

What an exciting class, all looks so much fun.
We seem to get little 'news' that is really news, on the TV now. I tend to look on the net for NZ news.