Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bay of Plenty Maritime Environmental Disaster.

It's about 10 days now since the Rena grounded on Astrolabe Reef. Things hang in the balance...particularly the containers on her decks. The BOP is being challenged perhaps as never before. There is a lot at stake. The beautiful environment. The sea life and birds. The livelihood of many many people. I haven't any photos of my own to show but if you look on  there are many awful pictures of what is unfolding here in the Bay. ( Rena in focus ) Click on the link Motiti quiet Disaster to see how bad it is for those folk isolated off the coast and closest ( 4 miles ) to the reef.
     It isn't the first time this reef has been hit by a vessel. Way back in 1830 Durville exploring the coast line found it in the same way and named it after his vessel L'Astrolabe. ( he wasn't travelling at 18 knots and he had no maps. )

That is very depressing, so a walk in my garden reminds me not everything is bad. My plants are calling, " Look at me. See how pretty I am after all that rain." They are. Many things have just come into flower in the last few days This rhododendron  ( Sierra Sunset ) is the ugliest grower with the prettiest flowers. Tomorrow I will show what else is in flower.
 Today is going to be a long haul. The rugby isn't starting till 9 pm ( which is lovely for you northern hemisphere viewers for a change ), so I am trying to pace myself( yeah right ) so I stay awake. R asked the neighbours over to watch so I will have to be on my best behaviour and not yell at the ref. Who is going to win? ( I think Wales might ). 


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful rhododenron...shows that there is beauty in the world, after all.

Nicky said...

We're all so gutted about the ship grounding. It is going to be a very long haul for the BOP. Also feeling for the Welsh this morning. :-( Wonderful atmosphere at the game, shame about the result!
GO the AB's!

Meggie said...

I must confess, I had hoped Wales would win, and we felt it was stolen in the end.
That rhododendron is just beautiful!