Thursday, October 19, 2006

Being organized.

Being organized is essential to my way of working.( I don't have a sewing room, just a big double doored cupboard ) I like everything sorted and stored so I know where it is. For my Hexagon I Spy Quilt I have all the completed hex bagged in lots of 40 ( cause that was a good fit ) in zip lock bags and the latest bag I am filling has a notelet with the running total written on it.
As there are 3 parts to each hex there is a pile of batting 4.5 " hex ; a pile of fussy cut 4.5" feature fabric hex and a pile of 6.5" backing fabric hex.
Today I had to go into the city for boring things like printer ink and stamps and a new farm diary, so didn't miss the opportunity to hunt down a few more Fat Quarters to fussy cut for my quilt. Good ones that produced 4 or 5 motifs per fabric. I also happened to come home with 2 new summer tops...But I won't be wearing them if the weather keeps like today. ( if you wait they won't be there when you go shopping again later )....I was restrained as about 7 in all fitted so I picked the 2 I really liked. Roll on warm weather. Only about 17 degrees C here today.
I also picked up my on order copy of Down Under Quilts ( # 101 ) from the mag shop. Storage is starting to be a problem with them, so I may cut back just to the NZ Quilter which is quarterly and gets mailed to me ( much more convenient ).

Hexagon Running total 158.


KC Quilter said...

What a great system of organizing your hexies! Can't wait to see this project all done.

Fiona said...

I so wish that being organised was part of my persona, but sadly the genes aren't there. I do try though, and I use ziplok bags too.

Angie said...

Ditto, Fiona ;( What a great storage setup for your hexagons. :)

ForestJane said...

Most of the motif fabric I have seems to be seasonal... do you have holiday things in there too, like little eggs from Easter or bats from Halloween? Or are you able to find enough other fabric?

Deb Hardman said...

Don't you just LOVE Ziplock
baggies (or Gladlock in this case)?
I use them for all sorts of things. They're a great way to organize!

Unknown said...

I love these hexagons they're such a nice way of doing an I Spy quilt