Sunday, October 29, 2006

Healing Hearts.

Thought you might like to see a photo of lots of orchardists standing around in our orchard........ Thursday by some fluke was a reasonably warm and sunny day and about 49 people crowded under the Kiwifruit vines to listen learn and discuss.( what they should be doing right now in their own properties. The pros and cons of different methods etc. )

Yesterday I sat and made a healing heart block for a friend in my on line group ( Picking Up Threads ) in Australia, who has just had an op. Hope it helps and that she gets enough to make something worthwhile from us all. ) ( in her favourite colours )
Today is dull and overcast but we went across to the Mt. ( Mt. Maunganui ) and did a walk along the beach boardwalk and other parts for an hour or more and DH was delighted to see overhead 3 Yak planes doing aerobatic / formation practise. We then called by the Classic Flyers Club on the way back for some lunch and a closer look at those and other planes ( that's one of DH's passions and hobbies ) ; it began to rain on the way home and has drizzled ever since so I am sitting quilting some of my hexagons.
The Hexagon total is now 187 sewn and about 120 quilted.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your kind toughts Ali = the heart block is very pretty - gorgeous batik blocks :o)