Thursday, October 12, 2006

So far, so Good!

Yesterday after we went to DH's eye appointment we went shopping for the new computer. ( isn't it amazing how long it all takes. ) Anyway we decided on an HP - the best for our requirements and DH wanted extra grunt so we got extra put in on the spot ( so we don't have to take it back later to get it done! ) We spent more than I thought we were going to, but that often happens if DH goes shopping! You've all been there done that so I won't tell the whole saga - briefly we got it all together and it is up and running, but I have spent hours getting it all going as we are used to.( very proud of my efforts ) So far there has only been one ooops with the digital didn't like me using the new computer and after I had, I had to reformat the card. Hope I have sorted it all.The good news is I can still access and use the important places like I can still visit with you all.
While we were in the city I got my Bernina checked and Yes I was did need adjusting. It's purring along now. Haven't had any sewing time though.
We nearly got blown away in the kiwifruit orchard this afternoon...It's blowing a damaging howling gale.
I have P & Q Group tomorrow...Good....Better get some work ready to take. Happy sewing everyone!
( this is the 1st blog from the new puter! )


ForestJane said...

Congrats on the new computer! What operating system does it have?

Ali Honey said...

It's got Windows XP Media Edition. As always it has some new features but has lost some others. I hope to add back in the ones I want. So far I am really enjoying typing with the new key board...we knew our old one was sluggish and never put in the spaces unless one laboured over them. Hope I continue to find this new one has hidden talent!

Unknown said...

Happy New Computer! we've got one on order - then I'll have to find al my blogging friends again and put you all back into favourites on the new one when it arrives :o)

dot said...

I like your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I look forward to keeping up on your endeavors.