Sunday, October 22, 2006

Labour Weekend.

Although I have written myself a list, my 3 day weekend is consisting of a little of what I fancy mixed with things I must do. I did some baking; I sat for an hour and edited a section of DH life story; I weeded a little till it drizzled; I watched the rugby....aha Waikato beat Wellington in the final of the Air NZ Cup! ( sorry Dale it was a great game but we were just a little better ). I sewed some hexies. I did some housework as I work better in tidy / clean .....Once it's done I can relax ...Till it needs doing again! I picked some flowers from the garden. I read some blogs and other things. DH cooked dinner....I love that !
Unfortunately we were told late on Friday that our kiwifruit packhouse wants to hold a Growers' Field Day here next Thursday so that has added items to my list....... garden weeding that could have waited has now been stepped up in priority as we like to have our property looking neat and tidy. It's neatly mown already but some of the kiwifruit blocks are near garden areas so I don't want any obvious weeds showing! When I finish writing this I am on with some gumboots, off with the watch and down into the front creek ( stream ) to do a little tidying. The water level is quite low with no recent heavy rain so I should be able to stay reasonably dry ( watch my step ).

I have been wandering with the camera taking pics of lovely blooms. Sally Holmes rose has such a simple delicate face...I love to be able to see the stamens in a flower. Arylies rose is tiny and frilly but also beautiful. Both have different quite subtle rose perfumes. Ahhh...

The other photo is of a rarer plant Xeronema. [xeronema callistemon or Poor Knights Lily or raupo-taranga ] It has rigid sword like leaves and is hard to get to flower. Best kept with restricted roots and frost free ...but mine is now a big clump in the garden. Last year it had 2 flowers; this time 4 so far.( They are like red bristled tooth brushes or bottle brushes or dish brushes. )

Next time I might tell you about the huge variety of birds we have around here....The latest is a peacock...Now where did he come from? I'll try and get some photos too. Those others having a long weekend, enjoy a little of what you fancy, it's probably best to stay off the roads.


Digitalgran said...

I do enjoy hearing about your life and what you do with your time. Quite a lot it seems to me.

Unknown said...

the flower photos are wonderful - hope you manage to get enough weeding done in the time

Downunderdale said...

I have got over the rugby - try harder next year!
In the UK we had kiwifruit most days and I was all wise knowledge on the fact that they had numbers!