Saturday, October 07, 2006

Simple Machine Quilting

Today I sat and machine quilted a simple border around 40 of my hexagons. That is all they will need. I used variegated thread ( red and green )and don't want the stitching to obscure the object in the hexagons. It is there mainly to hold the batting so it doesn't creep if washed.

Thanks to those who sent computer advice; Anne W of Grains in the Wind; hedgehog and sue. I realize everybody has had differing experiences and probably like cars there are good and bad examples of all models. No further progress has been made, deciding what to get; we need another wet day, but as you can see by the photo DH has put together the new desk ready for the new computer when we do decide.

Score with the hexagons is 130 plus. I'm starting to struggle finding different fabrics now but am not in a hurry. Any motifs that are suitable for a 2nd quilt ( for a girl ) are being cut at the same time as the ones for my boy's quilt. I did some measuring today ( just spread them out on the carpet ) and have some way to go to make a single bed size. I'm still enjoying making them - so that's great.


ForestJane said...

I really like the little bear there - I think this quilt is going to look super!

Digitalgran said...

Ali, you make me feel so ashamed of myself. A 130 hexagons!
I must not procrastinate so much.
I look forward to seeing your finished piece.