Thursday, September 09, 2010

Arts & Craft Centre.

Last evening I attended the AGM of the Arts & Craft Centre. That is the building we use for our Patchwork and Quilting Group meetings. The building is jointly shared by several groups and is also hired out to other groups. Our P & Q group is one of the biggest along with the Photographers' group, both having > 90 members. The building is also used by the Spinners & Weavers, the Porcelain Painters and the Potters. We each have our allotted days and times, and storage areas. Annually we pay a small per head amount based on the membership numbers. It is extremely good value for money and we cherish our meeting place knowing how fortunate we are to have such a cheap , free parking place to meet. The Committee that runs the building is made up of 2 representatives from each group.
 As the meeting is usually over in half an hour, to make it more interesting each group was asked to display some of their work.We didn't wish to put out anything that will be in our Exhibition in 2 weeks time so we displayed about a third of the quilts the group has made for the Homes of Hope project.
 Here some are folded up in a pile. I cannot find any good way to get them all into one  photo. I will try one more time tomorrow before we hand them over.

This is how we are storing and delivering the quilts. These plastic cases had electric blankets or duvet inners in them originally and ladies have donated them to transport the quilts. As there are more than 20 quilts we know they will not all get used straight away and we weren't sure how they might get stored till needed, so this was a good solution. I am so proud of the response from members who have donated some lovely quilts. It is always the same generous ladies who give their time. Thanks girls. 13 of our members attened the meeting, so we were well represented.
The photographers displayed some lovely work too.
 They have their own dark room in the building.The potters have their own wet area. Everyone shares the largest meeting room the kitchen and the furniture.

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Jennifer said...

Ali, your Art & Craft Centre sounds the same as our craft shed - it is also used by different groups. Isn't it great to have somewhere like that to use?