Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working in Black and White.

Having completed all my entries for next weeks exhibition I didn't know what I wanted to tackle next. I really didn't. So I made another cushion cover. Heartly sick of them now.
 I decided to experiment with some Bento Box blocks. I  haven't done them before. So far I have just made 4 large blocks. I need to decide if that will be it and make them into a table mat/ runner for the large coffee table in the lounge ( needs a new one ) or do I want to continue on and make something larger. As 2 of the lounge suites are black leather I decide on black and white with just a touch of colour.
Here are the 4 blocks un cut. The top photo shows them cut into quarters . I am playing with the arrangement of the parts.

 This is the back of a block with all the seams pressed outwards. I started with a 5 " square and have surrounded it with 2.5 " strips. Pressing and trimmimg at each stage is essential. After one round it measures 9" square and 13" after the second round.
 It seemed to take more fabric than I imagined. I like the idea so will look at it for a while to decide my next move.
I have gradually been easing myself back into some orchard work, increasing the time each day to give my neck a chance to adjust to all the looking up. Today so far has been too wet..
 Congratulations to Nina in USA who doesn't have a  blog. She asked me for the instructions to make a felt embroidered ball, so I sent them to her. She has just completed her ball but was hampered a bit by the quality of the felt. It pilled while she was working it.( Acryllic  felt I think ) She doesn't want to make another one she says. I am pleased that someone actually got on and made a ball after I gave them the info. Well done Nina!


loulee said...

I like those bento boxes, very striking.

Joyce said...

Love the Bento Boxes. Black and white with a bit of color is hard to beat!

molly said...

Oohhhh! Gorgeous! The top arrangement for my quilt please!