Monday, September 06, 2010

Some of My favourite Things.

Outside it is cutting up rough as a forecast storm approaches. I decided to pick the few Iceland Poppies that were out to save them being trashed.
 Big drops are already falling and the gum trees are swaying and creaking.

This morning I went to the Doctors as I was still not feeling 100% and they had been hassling me to come in and get a tetanus injection( which now also includes a diphtheria one as well ), so got 2 things done in one visit.We ruled out some things I didn't have and the meds will cover almost all other things I might have. So hope to be back to normal really soon.
 When I got back my copy of NZ Quilter magazine was in the mail and in it is featured Ansa Breytenbach .
 I have admired her quilts at the last few Calico Christmas shows. The one I liked best isn't in the mag but I have photos of it still. So for all you ladies currently making Grandmothers Garden quilts look at this beauty by Ansa. The colour wash effect across it was

Detail of the quilting.

 This is a quilt that made my heart sing the colours were just so unusual. So now I will snuggled down and devour my new magazine.

*Still feeling for the folk in Christchurch as they got the storm too - not good when your home is already damaged.


Jennifer said...

Lovely poppies! I shall keep an eye out for my NZ Quilter mag too, it's the only magazine I still subscribe to.

By Hoki Quilts said...

OMG Ali, that fabulous quilt makes my pathetic attempt at hexis look really sad, infact they look absolute rubbish. As for your health - well, you have had the odd bit of stress lately and it is bound to show itself somehow my friend. take care

Diana said...

The poppies are beautiful; they almost look like paper flowers. Hope you are feeling better soon.

loulee said...

Those poppies are beautiful.
The quilt is nice too! LOL

Meggie said...

I love the way poppies open so creased, and crinkly, then unfold to perfection. They are fortunate you saved them.
Your weather has been horrible of late. We have had high winds, and now it is cold again.
I had to have dreaded blood tests this am. My veins are very "shy" ~ and on a cold morning, they are worse!
Good luck on your health front.