Saturday, September 04, 2010

Canterbury Shaking.

I am relieved to read on your blogs that you Cantubury ladies and your families are safe and that you don't have too much damage. Scary stuff with all those after shocks.
 Worse still we now hear on the news of a light plane crash on Fox Glacier, killing 9.  We are lucky we didn't feel the quake up here in the top half on the North Island.
 I have spent time watching TV News with one eye and preparing entries for our Exhibition this month; making and attaching labels and putting on hanging sleeves. I printed the labels on the photo fabric using the computer. It makes a very neat legible label.
 Yesterday I tidied my sewing cupboard then made another cushion cover for our sales table. It looks really nice on our black leather couch. I have more fabric left so can make myself one to keep at a later date.


loulee said...

Tonys family were shaken out of bed this morning. They are in Timaru. You're right about that cushion, perfect on your black sofa.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Black and white always looks so smart doesn't it?
Yep, it was an early start and I'm pleased to say all our family and friends are safe which is a lot better than the poor relatives of the accident victims just down the coast from us.

Deb said...

Ali, the fox glacier crash is so sad isn't it. Absolutely devastating for those poor families.

julieQ said...

I have been watching the news and worrying about you ladies over there...glad you are safe, Ali. I am so sorry about that awful plane crash, too.

Meggie said...

We felt shocked to see Christchurch so shattered. Have so far not been able to contact rellies or friends.
Love that cushion. Our black lounge suite needs some new cushions...hmm, a project perhaps.