Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Equipment.

We are back from our journey to Palmerston North. We went via Tirau ( Tirau Quilt Cottage ) so I could redeem my Birthday gift voucher from J and V. It all got used on new tools and refills of things I use, or want to try.
*a packet of photographic fabric, as I have only one sheet left.
*refills for my chalk marker.
*a fusible bias tape maker.
* a plastic thimble.
* a quick swipe chalk stencil marker with bag of chalk.
*some tiny stainless scissors on a pull out retractable elastic & clip, so they don't get mislaid. 
* a packet of Japanese texture magic. ( hadn't seen that before )
Then I spyed this on the counter and saw a name I knew.
So I got it to read the article about Dale. It came out in June but I hadn't seen it before.

 We had lunch in Tirau and I soon after I started feeling not so comfortable. Possibly it is a coincidence and I have some sort of bug but whatever the cause I am still not feeling well 4 days later. ( most unusual for me ) I had 2 uncomfortable nights and got little sleep. 
As always we ran out of time so sorry I didn't get to visit you Carole. As well as attending the double funeral (and after match function ) I did get to catch up with my sister and my elderly and only living Aunty. She is so with it, we love visiting her. Palmerston seemed very cold and the trip down across the Desert Road was stormy rain so the mountains weren't visible. It was a bit finer for the return journey, so got glimpses of Mt. Ruapehu.
 It is so good to be home especially when I am not feeling 100%. If any of you have experience with the bias maker or fabric that shrinks with steam I'd love to hear .


Deb said...

Ali, I hope you are feeling a bit brighter soon. You have certainly had your hands full lately, its time things started picking up for you.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Chin up Ali, the hardest part is over, now hopefully you can begin to heal - take your time, we will wait for you xx

carole brungar said...

I'm pleased you are home again safe, you made it back just in time, the snow is coming back. I thought about you on Tuesday, but I thought you would be busy catching up with family etc... I am sure there will be other opportunities!
Hope you're feeling better soon. xC

Downunderdale said...

shock to see my pic on your blog!
Look after yourself and wasn't the Silver Ferns win a great one. Dale

Katney said...

I've used the bias maker. It's been quite a while, though. I remember it takes some practice, but if youa re into applique, it's good for stems and things.

Earthquake--you okay?