Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quilters are Generous People.

The bond, the friendship and the generous spirit of my fellow P and Q members always brings a smile to my face. Some of the members of the P and Q group I belong to knew I wanted to see the quilts on display in Hamilton, and that I probably wasn't going to get there this year, so they sent me this morning photos they took of the quilts they especially liked. I now have a folder with 50 photos to drool over. Thank you my friends.
Yesterday we had our usual club day and even though lots of ladies were in Hamilton we had a good turn out of over 30 members. Our 2 special ladies who are currently having Chemo were there with their pretty hats. They are so brave and were in danger of being over hugged.
 When most ladies had gone home I got the few left to do a "quilt hold up, "( for our records ) of all the charity quilts that had been donated to give to the Homes of Hope in Tauranga. There were 20 quilts and as there are currently 16 children in 3 homes that is a good number to hand out. Here 3 of us  are later yesterday handing over the quilts.
Below are all the quilts. Sorry about the legs, but the quilts were all different sizes and my human hangers had legs.

We now have some space in our cupboard at the club rooms.
Our exhibition is just 2 weeks away. Last year you may remember we had only aprons on the sales table, that all got sold very rapidly. This year we are selling only cushion covers.We have almost 80 ready. Another good effort, by mostly the same ladies.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali, what a lovely bunch of quilts you handed over. Yesterday I went down to Hamilton and on the way stopped off at Grandmothers Garden to drop off a big pile of quilt tops on our clubs behalf for Christchurch. I've some of the "Quilts Aotearoa" quilts on my blog. You might find some pictures that you haven't got and seen :-) cheers

loulee said...

Thanks for the show and tell.

Meggie said...

What a lot of lovely quilts! Thanks for sharing with us.

Suzy said...

The quilts are lovely and, well done to you all for such a generous donation; I am sure they will be much loved.

Shirley Goodwin said...

What a lovely pile of quilts!Yes, quilters are wonderfully generous people.