Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rough Weather.

High winds, rain, hail and thunderstorms have been thrashing most of NZ. The garden is being trashed and limbs are flying off trees. Our 4 flowering cherries are just starting to blossom so might be spoilt before they are fully out.Yesterday we were without power from 3.30 till 8.30 so cooked dinner on the wood fire and ate by candle light. I hand sewed for a while cause without a machine or an iron tasks are limited. (without the computer too.) When the light fades it is even more limiting, so we played scrabble by candle light.
 Today it is still very windy with gusty showers; I got caught in one half an hour ago. It's too windy for an umbrella.
 Things I have got done.
* There is just a row and a half left to finish my blue and yellow lattice hand work. ( it is now going to be a large cushion cover rather that a table runner. )
* I turned out my fabric cupboard and found a few move black and white pieces of fabric so made a further bento box block.
Each block needs a 5 " centre; and 29" strip of 2.5"for the first round and a 45 by 2.5" strip for the third round. I suppose I could join fabric but would rather not.
I'm off now to press what I have done and iron out some fabric for the edging and backing of the blue and yellow top, before the power goes off again.
 I hope others in NZ are finding inside things to do as the foul weather is everywhere.

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Meggie said...

My rellies in BOP tell me it is vile as far as weather goes. Our friends in Canterbury are sad too, & suffering after the Earthquakes. It would seem to be a truly vile season, at present.
Hugs from hereXX