Sunday, February 06, 2011

It Had Us Sweating.

After 2 abnormally wet weekends we are having a hot one this time.( IT HAD US SWEATING ) Yesterday it got to 32 degrees centigrade here; with high humidity. I made myself a to do list when I first got up but did it in the wrong order as I had no idea it would get that warm. I did all on my list but the lawns.( I did a little sewing instead - good thinking eh ) After the supermarket visit I got some seedlings at the garden centre and the 3 lovely bright gerbras to refurbish this pot at the back door. (I  will replant the pale pink alstromeria in the garden it kept getting fungal disease in this pot )
R worked at weeding his vege garden.( I had done my small patch and the herb garden during the evenings last week ) (Weeds of course lapped up all the rain we had recently )
See how good that looks this morning. The far side has yet to be done. R is this morning planting out his basil which were slow getting started but have good root systems so should still make it in time. ( for his big pesto making sessions later on. )

Currently we are picking courgettes, beans ( 2 varieties ), tomatoes ; ( 5 varieties ) capsicums;  silverbeet,  potatoes (2 varieties;)  and lettuce and a few radishes. I just harvested my shallots and pulled out the broccoli cause the white butterflies had found and spoilt it. ( 2 watermelons are sizing up nicely )  We always have herbs. Add to that avocados, walnuts and strawberries ( only 12 blueberries -  shame ) and the gifted plums and it shows we are eating to season and quite well.  ( I still bought apples bananas; rice pasta and some meat to go with it ).
So this morning before breakfast I got started on the last thing on yesterday's list - it still had me red faced and sweating but looks so good now. The lawns are all mowed. I earned my cup of coffee at morning tea time. See how neat it all looks.

 The good news from Friday I forgot to put in here is my neice had her little baby girl. Both are well. She is being called Lucy. That's nice. A little sister for Sophie and Amelia. So today I will wrap up those booties I knitted and a few other bits and get them in the post.
Happy Waitangi Day fellow Kiwis. ( I was so busy I forgot what day it was! )


Leanne said...

I have no idea how to start a lawn mower & that is the way I intended it to stay giggle.

We have a humid day down here - been raining for days & meant to be raining for next few days. i want summer back.
Your garden looks great!

Love Leanne

By Hoki Quilts said...

OMG someone please turn off the tap. Between rain and humidity I've had it! Now we have such low cloud shrouding everywhere that it is becoming really uncomfortable.
Enjoy your Waitangi day. A good excuse for a day off.

julieQ said...

What gorgeous work you did, and before breakfast! That counts for more your harvest!

Meggie said...

Your garden always looks so wonderful.
Well done you, on the mowing front!
Mmmm, basil, one of my favourite herbs.