Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Part 2 Quilt Garden Party.

Mrs. Webster's quilt depicted The Endeavour, Australia,  NZ and that's Captian Cook in the top left corner.

The back garden back drop behind all the clothes lines.

The front garden area for refreshments and sitting . I sat and talked with a friend under the branches of a Copper Beech tree.

The outlook was very relaxing looking away in the distance to the blue Kaimai Ranges. The unkind neighbour from the property in front decided to mow his paddock on his ride on right in the middle of the afternoon which spoilt the peaceful ambience.( neighbours had be advised that the event was on so it was very mean of him. )
 Everyone enjoyed the event anyway. A guitarist played background music some of the time.The stalls were fabulous andI  got some lovely purchases made of NZ fabrics for gifts that will save me making them. Prices were so reasonable. All in all some very tired organisers but a successful event. A most enjoyable couple of hours - so glad I didn't miss it.


loulee said...

I enjoyed looking at both posts. Thanks for sharing.

Meggie said...

It all looks so green and peaceful. What mean $#^% that neighbour was!
I remember some hair-raising travels over those Kaimais when I was young- some of them with my mother as driver!