Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Signs of Autumn.

It is early for our grapes to be ripening.( the ones at the top left are sweet enough to eat - we have tried a few ) All the rain has made them plump.
The rosehips turned orange quite suddenly. ( Complicata rose )

Sedum flowers colouring - they will last for ages.

The leaves on this Viburnum are becoming red.

Sally Holmes rose still has some flowers. The morning light is noticably later arriving. February is running away - just like January did.   Mother nature is in charge.


Joyce said...

I just heard about the big earthquake over there. I hope you are far from it and all are ok.

molly said...

Hadn't heard about the earthquake---hope all is well by you. Your grapes look beautiful. Grapes always make lovely pictures---a most photogenic fruit!

julieQ said...

Are you alright dear lady? Let us hear....sure hope you are.

Suzy said...

Glad you are safe up north - it looks terrible, so much damage and so many injured. My thoughts are with you all.

Ali Honey said...

Thank You Joyce and Molly and JulieQ. I live on the North Island so am safe.
Sooziii, it is pretty awful judging by the TV coverage. Death toll 65 and rising.

Karen said...

I am so sorry that your beautiful country has suffered another tragedy. Hope you and your family are okay.
That bandanna quilt looks awesome.