Saturday, February 19, 2011

Next Bandanna Quilt with Sauce!

      Thank you to those of you who commented and reinforced my decision on the layout of the first bandanna quilt in my previous post. I have not had any sewing time since last weekend as it has been a full on week workwise. Trashmaster I suppose you could say making quilts out of bandannas is a form of recycling.

 This is the next bandanna style I have to work with. ( for bandanna quilt # 2 ) On the left is the 9 inch square that I can cut 4 of from each bandanna.( I'm saving the off cuts ) I thought the pattern as it is might be a bit troublesome to look at if one was not well so that's why I have cut it down into 4. I have just 3 of this same bandanna so will get 12 x  9 inch blocks.
Having decided how I wish to use these blocks then created another problem. I really wanted to use up scraps and didn't have enough of any one fabric.  So I decided to use 4 different fabrics in each colour family, around each 9 " square. ( once again I found the pattern printed on the bandannas was not square ! )
I like this idea and have finished these 3 blocks so far. Other colours will follow - I have the strips cut ready for more sewing this weekend I hope.
First thing today I got out and mowed all the lawns before it got too hot. The growth on everything is phenomenal at the moment. ( grass; weeds; plants and vines. ) That's what  heavy rain in Summer causes. While I was doing that R started skinning the tomatoes for a double batch of sauce.

 We are co operating during the cooking of this as it takes ages to boil down. We are using the same recipe as last year with notes added from then. R also cut all the onions and garlic up so it is really his batch of sauce I reckon. I measured and added the other ingredients and am doing occasional stirring ( of the 2 saucepans! ) It smells so good.

Some of the tomatoes were huge. These 2 together weighed more than a kilo.

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Meggie said...

I can almost taste those wonderful looking tomatoes! Bliss.
I have just had my sister to visit and am now talking like a total native again, so my family tell me!