Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quilt Arrangement of Disappearing 9 Patch Blocks.

Who would have guessed there could be so many possible arrangements for disappearing 9 patch blocks. I wonderered how I was going to decide.  After 7 rearrangements I stopped ( to limit the decision making. ) As I lay each possibility on the floor I took a photo. Then to limit it further I printed out the 3 most likely all on one sheet of paper. The 7 ranged from completely random to much more structured.
This layout had 2 blocks of the turquoise together which I didn't like.
At the moment this bottom block is my second choice the top one being my first. If any of you would care to comment on which arrangement you think most pleasing I would be glad to hear your reasons.

Needless to say I have been sewing and cutting and arranging. As I thought I would wait to see what you " learned lot," think about the arrangement of the D9P, before I sew it together,  I started on my 2nd bandanna quit.( photos of that on the next post.)
Yesterday I also did a few garden jobs but gave myself all afternoon to do Patchwork.....I liked that and am going to do the same again today. ( I have been working pretty hard lately and deserved some me time ) I left my walk till almost dark  - much cooler. Last night we watched the movie " Australia." Did anyone else see that ? What did you think?
 I have just been checking out some new to me, quilting blogs - that takes time but I love it.
* Thanks for your comments Meg and Wombat and Hi to Marls! *
 * Now I need to do some baking.


Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog this morning and I think we need to visit NZ very soon, looks just lovely.
Thank you also for your lovely comment on my blog.
Have a great Sunday

Marlene said...

Thanks for the greeting Ali.
For what it's worth I have to say I like layout No 1 followed closely by 3.
Whichever one you choose will be great.

Pam said...

Couldn't possibly say - they all look lovely to me.

Your blog is always so cheering - you have such nice posts.

Meggie said...

Don't care for no 2, but 1 & 3 are both nice. Perhaps the 'neat' in me likes 1 the best.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I like the same layout as you do, Let us know if you find any really interesting blogs.

Trashmaster46 said...

I think I like the top/first arrangement best. It feels more organized. I like #3 second best, but my sense of organization and color (not everyone else's, by far!) can't quite wrap around the separation of the yellow & green blocks.