Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kiwifruit Work.

On Tuesday morning I didn't work as visitors were coming for morning tea. Piklets quickly made and served with Kiwifruit and Ginger jam. The visitors were old friends from Wanganui who came up to meet an american friend off the cruise ship Amersterdam that was in Tauranga Port  for the day. She wanted to see kiwifruit being grown.
 After lunch we were back hard at work. We had to stop briefly as a natural Pyrethrum spray was applied  to try and combat the passionvine hoppers. It dried straight away in the heat. I worked till after 6pm but FINISHED my block.
 Yesterday we both worked on the final block that R was working in (that had been ignored by us up till now, as it had the worst fruit. ) Between us we finished it. R took a little video of me thinning fruit.
 I don't think that sounds very much like me but I guess it must. You see I always wear picking gloves while working with the fruit as the skin is easily scuffed and I don't like cutting my nails right off. It may have been a bit short but  I hope it gives you an idea. Perhaps we will take one of me pruning as well but that mainly involves loppers and grunting and exertion.......maybe not.
 Today was a drizzly start so we did the GST inside, now it is warm and humid but I will try not to pull leaves full of water down on myself. I am now starting the next whole round of fruit checking - much less hard work but more walking.
In our newspaper the other night there was a short article and photo of the Inaugural ( for this area ) Frocks on Bikes. This seems to me a very good idea. There is a longer ride this weekend. Unfortunartely I don't have a bike . Any of you know about this newish idea?
 Bikes of all ages. Riders of all ages. Frocks of every colour and style. 


Meggie said...

Of course you talk perfectly nicely to my ear! What a lot of hard work you have.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Lovely to "hear: you. Oh boy I'd be dithering which ones to lop off.
Love Leanne