Friday, September 30, 2011

Birds ; Quilts; Glass; Oranges and Seeds.

Firstly I want to show you this fellow. Mr.Tui - I am fairly sure it is Mr. because of his behaviour. He is courting Mrs. Tui but thinks that that bird in the window is a big threat. Of course it is himself he is looking at, all puffed up. I have never had them so close to the house before. He was even trying to stratch the eyes out of that " other tui in the reflection." I hope he won out in the end. Is he my daily birdbath swimmer? ...hard to tell them apart when there are lots around. It probably means the Rewarewa trees are flowering in our bush when we have lots flying about.
Thankyou for your comments about the quilts. Helen I can tell you J made that quilt in a Ngaire Brooks class.  If you google Ngaire Brooks quilts you will find quite a bit - especially another strip quilt in the same fabrics for a class at Grandmothers Garden. I suspect seeing that second quilt that it is a Ngaire Brooks pattern. I will pass on your compliments and Molly's when next I see J but that won't be for a fortnight.
My seedlings are doing well. I am still pampering them by bringing them inside at night. R planted out my 2 special early tomato plants yesterday...I do hope the coldish nights don't upset them...they had been sleeping out for a few nights before the transplant.The 2 balck punnets are Zinnias seeds and the white one Lettuces.

Our oranges are ready so we have been picking them to give to friends and using as many as we can ourselves. Here I have simply peeled and diced the oranges and set them in commercial orange jelly. ( you could make your own with juice and gelatine )
 We eat them just cut up. We juice them ( and freeze some ) I make fruit salad.  I bake with them - This is my cuurent favourite recipe.( click to enlarge to read )

 This can also be made in 2 loaf tins.
 Does anyone have any other ideas for using oranges??

I still haven't started sewing anything big. Last night in front of TV I unpicked 3 blocks that had been sewn to together in a demonstration for quilt as you go. I don't much care for samplers so it got no further. Gradually I am using them up by making heat mats out of them. I quickly sewed a binding on this early today so I will handsew it down tonight while watching the rugby on TV.
Yesterday I commented on the lovely pale green glass collection on Jannimary's dresser. I said I collected blue glass. Not actively any more cause I haven't places to put any more. I wondered how many pieces I did have. Mine is spread around the house.
*There are 2 in the office 
 *5 in the family room.
* 2 on our dressing table.
*4 in the bathroom.
*2 on the inside toilet windowsill.
2 on the laundry windowsill.
*5 in the kitchen.
* 8  in the diningroom.
* 10 in the lounge.
 So you can see I don't really need anymore.... (there could be exceptions to this statement.) I have jugs, jars; bottles; vases and old Midnight in Paris perfume bottles ( that Meg likes. )oops and 6 plates and a platter.
 Finally I do hope Chooky Blue is having a good day sewing with her friends!


molly said...

So much going on! Kudos to you for making something useful from those orphan blocks. I've always wanted to try that "quilt as you go" technique. It's showing up here so often I think there must be a resurgence of interest. That bird is funny, wanting to do battle with himself!!

Meggie said...

I wish I had an old Evening in Paris bottle! Always reminds me of my Mum.