Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fabrics to Fussy Cut.

I'm making great progress with the Eye Spy Hexagons. When I was out last Friday, I went to another little sewing store and found a few more useful fabrics that can be fussy cut for the motif on each hex. The very best value ones have several different objects on the same fabric like the animal print in the photo. (I already had some others that I think may have been designed specifically for that purpose). At my P & Q Group on Friday several ladies said they thought they had some fabrics I might not have so we measured up that a 4 1/2" square was all I needed to cut this size hexagon from; so that would be wonderful if they bring me some. I am happy to swap or pay for them but most of the generous ladies say, "no we're glad to help." I demonstrated how to make them so many times and I found the ladies were as keen to play and look and touch as the kids had been the week before.
I know there is a website especially for Eye Spy quilts and the members swap fabrics but I'm not going there as not all folk are fair about what they is just a bit too random and unreliable. I have plenty of other options to explore for more fabric first. ( 2 exhibitions / fairs over the next 2 weeks for a start!! ) I am in no hurry to finish the quilt either so can even wait till more fabrics appear, as I know they will. ( Over 60 hex finished now.)
Forest Jane, the kids loved the animal motifs; the little black and white puppy being the most popular one, closely followed by the jelly beans and racing cars for the boys. It is proving to be a fun project!

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