Friday, September 29, 2006

From My Window.

What a sight to wake up to!
In the garden outside my bedroom window this beautiful 11 year old Viburnum ( plicatum tomentosa) is at its glorious best.

I have several different varieties but this one is always the first to flower. The bees are in Heaven. The yellow ranunculas in another garden bed are also a delight. The kiwifruit vines are now getting little green leaves so another season begins.

Score for the I Spy Hexagons is 118 so far.


Fiona said...

Rununculus (hope I've spelt that right) are one of my favourite flowers - they are so lush and over the top. Having said that, when I planted some they failed miserably, but yours are just gorgeous.

Helen said...

your garden pictures always make me smile. go hexagons!

Unknown said...

I keep forgetting as we slide into Autumn that you people underneath the world are just starting into Spring - how I envy you, I hate Winter

Deb Hardman said...

It seems like the seasons are fluing by so fast. I think when I first started visiting your blog it was just starting autumn there, & now it's here, so it must've been about 6 months ago. Your flowers are beautiful.

Thanks for your kind words for my sister.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Crikey, I hope my viburnum doesn't grow that large or I'll have to relocate it! Spring is alovely time in the garden, isn't it!