Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wall Hangings.

The top pic shows the articles made from the fabric challenge. Some were extremely innovative. Only 9 entries - that was disappointing.
The wall hanging of the flowers was done by reverse applique using just one fabric. Very effective .

Beethoven used a selection of music fabrics ( pre printing), and would be useful for displaying in a music room or similar.

The other 2 funny wall hangings were very cleverly done with the addition of loads of embellishments...real fishing line , sinkers and hooks. The 2 dear friends had real jewels and feathers and buttons.( note their stockings ) These 2 had great appeal especially to the children that viewed them.
The person who made these 2 works plus one other large quilt caused much discussion and controversy. She comes to our group once a year and pays a sub just to be able to exhibit her work at the Annual Show. This has got some members in a lather. I think there will be some new rules a the next AGM. Does this happen in other groups ??? and what do you think / do about it? Does it matter? ( there was only viewers' choice by way of judging but this also carried a monetary prize. ) Most of us entered quilts to make up the show and were happy to do so. Many of us would not enter a judged show.

The other laughable thing that happened of the members who also runs a Quilting Business, was coming and going, over the 3 days of the show, putting votes in on her own quilt that she wanted to win. That's getting a bit desperate! I'm a bit new to all this sort of thing so just quietly laughed and thought I would wait and see what happened about it all. Maybe all groups ( 120 members in ours ) have their little moments!

Please note all the work photographed here today, is by other people ; ( members of the group I belong to ) not me! ( I'm just sharing it with you) Enjoy!


Suzy said...

Hi Ali
Just read about your quilt display and had a chuckle about the lady who pays her subs just so she can enter. Talk about desperate! (But is she as desperate as the lady voting for herself?) It is sad to think that she doesn't socialise and join in your meeting - her loss. It sounds as if you have had an eyeopening experience - still all the quilts you have posted are lovely. Well done on being a white glove lady too!

Deb Hardman said...

In our quilt guild if we required the members to attend meetings, our show would be very small. We have about 200 due-paying members, & only about 50 ever come to meetings. Most pay to get the newsletter, & keep abreast of what teachers & lectures we are beinging up, & to be able to diplay at the annual quilt show. Life is busy, & those who work full time seldom make the meetings.
I work full time, but work my schedule to be off on Thursdays, so I can go to the meetings.

As far as the 1 voting for herself, I think maybe she should be asked to restrain herself, from voting more than once, & if she wants to vote for herself, well who cares, it's her vote to do with as she pleases. At our show we have 4 viewer's choice awards. Each one gets a lovely handmade ribbon, & the joy of knowing others appreciate your work. 1 ribbon goes to favorite piece of clothing, & the other 3 are 1 each for small, medium & large quilts. Each person gets a slip of paper to pencil in 1 vote in each catagory. It seems a fair way of handeling viewer's choice.

I think I have some of that challenge fabric, it was sent to me by the Queensland Quilters as a viewer's choice award!

It looks like you have some talented quilters there. Good show!

Helen said...

yep, the show looks really good. I say it doesn't matter if she just shows her work, her loss missing out on the socialising. You get to hang her quilts which people enjoy, and she gets to show them. Isn't it a win/win? But the voting for your own quilt more than once? tut tut!! Wgtn Quilters guild show is about to begin, that will be great.

Shelina said...

The reverse applique and the two pictoral ones are great. I don't belong to any quilting groups, but I think I can understand her. She wants to be able to share her work, and she probably feels that she can have quilting time actually making something rather than sitting at a meeting. If she pays her dues, what is the harm in that?
Maybe she doesn't feel welcome at the meetings? I know I went to one and didn't seem welcome there, although I know it may have to do with what I was feeling more than how people were treating me.