Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Herb Garden.

Fragrant herbs......ummm...I love working in my herb garden as the smells that waft as I touch the plants are so yummy. This morning I cleared out many spent plants and cut back others. I left a few of the muzuma plants ( a mustardy tasting salad green ) some in seed, others still flowering as the bees are loving the yellow flowers so. I let them seed down so I get lots more free plants. It is a bit difficult to rotate the plants as the Mint has its own bed and the Thyme is well established in it's section. I gave all the little beds a good dressing of Blood and Bone .
I planted new Coriander; Oregano; Sage and Curry plant ( Helichrysum Angustifolium). I have Rosemary in 2 other parts of the garden as it is very vigorous, and would over run things here. The photo doesn't show the parsley to the right. The herb garden is situated only a few steps from the kitchen which means they are within easy reach. Of all the herbs I think I still use Mint and Parsley the most frequently.

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