Friday, September 15, 2006

Phew !

Quilts, quilts, quilts. I'm dreaming quilts. I'm surrounded by them, but the Exhibition our P & Q group is having is going well. This is a photos of the Raffle prize. The 4 patch squares on it were made by several members including me ( in colours I never use ) , the applique was done by another member and 2 more put it all together and another one who does professional quilting did that part. Yesterday was a challenge hanging all the quilts; you'll all know about that ( some just don't hang do they?) 108 entires plus the fabric challenge, plus a Guest Exhibitor who was from our own club this time.
Today I've made coffee and tea; spent 2.5 hours on the door, and even had a turn with the white gloves on.( hehe.) I must be really scary as I didn't need to tell anyone to stop touching I just walked towards them and they pulled back.
I start the day on Sales Table tomorrow so need to get to bed...did fit in a little retail therapy during some break time today....only fabric for my Eye Spy quilts....well I didn't have those ones did I! Very happy day all in all. But tiring Phew!


Unknown said...

Lovely raffle quilt - I like the unusual way you've placed the applique - very pretty

Judy said...

All of these are so spectacular and beautiful. WOW 230 years old huh! Amazing!