Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quilts A Plenty.

A selection of the 108 quilts and wall hangings our members had on display. I can't show all of them, just some I liked.


Fiona said...

Lovely quilts - I especially like the pineapple blossom.

Hedgehog said...

Thanks for sharing these quilts - they are beautiful! I especially like the squares in squares on point.

Shelina said...

Funny. Yesterday I just printed out a pattern of the Pineapple Blossom, fourth picture down, from Bonnie's website at

ForestJane said...

Oh, wow, some beautiful work!

The one who pays the fees to join, just to be able to enter her work in the show... how close do her fees come to the amount of money she wins?

Maybe what the guild needs to do is charge an entry fee for each item entered in the show (or a larger fee) then use any profit you make for more ribbons, prizes, more categories, so more people can win.

You could do ... traditional quilts under a meter square... over a meter square, best quilt set on point, etc. and get really inventive with the categories. :)

We use our profits for bringing in people to teach guild classes, too. Maybe that once-per-year lady would come more often if there was a really well known speaker doing a presentation or something.