Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What Do You Want for Dinner?

"What do you want / fancy for dinner?" is often the cry around here. I enjoy cooking but often find deciding what to have the most difficult part. " Go and look in the freezer is usually the next thing said. After getting the reply, lamb chops, last night, I thought I know just the thing to go with those. I went into the garden and tickled ( felt around in the dirt without digging )those potatoes that might be ready. Too my surprise they were huge! So DH dug the first couple of roots. In another part of the garden ( a big tub actually ) there was a head of broccoli just ready to pick.
So a simple meal was made with steamed new potatoes with mint of course (from the herb garden) some steamed carrots, the broccoli and little lamb chops fried in a smear of olive oil surrounded by onion rings.
Individually we can't do a lot to save the planet but growing some of our own veges and nurturing the soil ( with compost )is a small way to try. We certainly know that the veges couldn't have been fresher or more natural; as it is Spring the bugs that come with Summer have not yet arrived so veges are pest free.
The photo shows Heather variety potatoes and broccoli.


KC Quilter said...

Mmmm...those potatoes look good enough to, well, eat!!! I bet your garden is just wonderful.

Hedgehog said...

Ooooh, your potatoes look great!

Shelina said...

Your flowers and your vegetables are all looking great. Now everything here is dying out and getting ready for winter. There is a book called Saving Dinner, that lists weekly menus and grocery lists, and then recipes. It does all the work for you. I looked at the book but didn't actually follow it, but they have samples at that you can look at if you want. I've been planning on creating menus like that, but still haven't gotten around to it.

ForestJane said...

Everyone else admired the taters, I was admiring the broccoli the most... lol I think it's my favorite vegetable. And those yellow flowers in the post above, lovely!