Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alternative Tasks.

Fresh veges from my garden with our dinner. R cooked Moussaka while I gardened. He has potatoes and peas just showing through in his garden. Everything else is getting a battering with the wind. He planted soaked sweet corn seed yesterday.
    Yesterday was SO windy, trying to work with the kiwifruit vines wasn't possible. The new growth took a battering. So instead I did heaps of washing which got dry despite frequent little showers. It meant chasing after it all day, but things are fresh and fluffy. I did some gardening but had to watch that I was upwind of what I was putting in my big weed woolpack( mulch for the avocados )otherwise I got it back in my face the wind was so gusty.
I also spent a lot of frustrating time trying to update our Norton Antivirus. I did it on the notebook as it had only 5 days left to run. I paid on line for a package that can be used on up to 3 computers. That uploaded well and is running for the next 2 years BUT could I get it to load onto the main computer which has 31 days left to run on it's current deal. NO!  It would get so far then just send me round in circles. I went in and stopped the automatic update from happening ( or I will get charged twice )but still it won't update from the other new package although it clearly states I may use it on 2 more computers.
 TO make it worse I am then getting threatening email from Norton because I unsubscribed from the automatic update.
I hate to think how much time I wasted on that yesterday! I will get help with it if I need to...still have 30 days cover on last times deal.
What do you think this is a photo of? 

  Part of what I am working on with the kiwifruit is taking off old used clips especially the ones that have been cut in half by the pruners -  they leave a sharp plastic end that could run new fruit. Also I am breaking off all the used stalks ( that had last season's fruit hanging on them ) because they too can rub new fruit BUT mainly because I think they have the eggs of passionvine hoppers embedded in them and we have a big pest problem with them making sooty mould on the fruit. SO I am collecting them in a bucket which I then tip into a sack ( photo )and later burn them.
So that is what I am currently doing in the orchard. Some of the new shoots have flower buds just showing so shortly I will be thining those
.After dinner I sewed a few more of my blocks together - 3/4 done now.
I better get out there now, while conditions are okay.( but cold ) What will the weather do next?


Thimbleanna said...

Your veggies are so gorgeous. Your seasons always confuse me -- at the point where you are in spring, our gardens are just starting -- and you have yield already! You must have a really long growing season!

Meggie said...

Ali, our weather here is the same! Windy and yesterday it rained and returned to winter temps!
You certainly do need to work hard on your vines to get a good return.