Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time in the Garden.

Viburnum plicatum tomentosa has been beautiful as usual. It is in the garden just outside our bedroom window and the last few days I have been watching Mrs. Blackbird very busily making a nest in the depths of this tree.

I spent the entire afternoon gardening yesterday.Down the steps under the big Rimu tree( that's it hanging down from the top right ) has got totally out of hand. First I took my gloves off ( cause dead rimu sticks to them ) and collect heaps of dead rimu from the wind 2 weeks ago . Not a pleasant or easy job. Then I began salvaging small plants on the bank that were almost being overrun with weeds.

The Ajuga was flowering and a small clump of dark blue/ purple Babiana.

Mainly it was just weeding and trimming back plants. It looked much better for the time I spent but is only one of many parts of the garden further from the house that want my attention.
 This morning I tackled a few other areas but it is raining now so that's it for this weekend. Inside activities now.


julieQ said...

Such a wonderful garden! Your big tree is so pretty...the rain came just at the right time!

Pam said...

How interesting - I don't know these plants at all.

Very pretty.

Meggie said...

I have always love Rimu trees. Your garden is beautiful, Ali.