Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shoes ; Feet and Walking.

These are my very comfortable, sensible, expensive walking shoes. I don't wear shoes that are not comfortable BUT almost a month ago I got a very sore right foot ( after walking ) for no apparent reason. I put up with the pain thinking it would go away. It didn't; it lessened somewhat but was always sore by evening. It was worst in bare feet and especially standing on tip toes. My sturdy walking shoes, because they were splinting my foot to some extent, were the most comfortable to wear. Last week I went to the doctor who ( took my money ) and referred me on to a podiatrist. I had to wait till this morning for my appointment. Oh, how I wish I had gone 3 weeks ago.
She was excellent and friendly and funny. I have metatarsalgia ( which just means sore foot or sore toe joint ). Apparently as we age we lose the fat in the ball of our feet - I didn't know that! ( maybe it gravitates up and ends round ones middle.) I probably stood on a stone or something right on the sore spot ( the joint out from the 4th toe on the ball of the foot ) and it has enflamed it and made it angry ( and me too ) . So to rest the spot and keep my foot off it while walking she made this felt insole with the part cut out over the sore spot.

It is washable ( and she said dry it with the hair dryer after a shower !!! ) and keep it on as long as possible - hopefully till I see her again next week.
 I was a bit worried how fat it would make my foot but the padding is all underneath so it will be fine because  this weekend we are going to our niece's wedding and I have these new flat pretty red shoes to wear.

 Part of the weddding is on grass so they had to be flat. I have worn them once before and they were comfortable ( and will match my red bag and the black things I intend wearing. )
I will have happy feet ; Well happier than they were anyway.

* I emailed Norton Help about the problem I was having installing my paid for new antivirus and got a very helpful reply back. Thanks! They even credited me with the unused portion of my previous version; so I am very pleased.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh Ali you gave me a giggle, maybe I too have had that meta whatever the pain has gone but the bulge in the middle is still there, LOL.
Love your little red shoes, have a great time.

Meggie said...

I love those red shoes! I was supposed to go to a podiatrist over my foot,(it has a bunion) but with all the other pressing Specialist visits, and another trip to the Orthopedic surgeon about my knee... well.. enough is enough.

Enjoy the wedding.

Laurie said...

Yes!! I am fed up with the uploading of pictures...!!!

Hey! those red shoes how lovely...they remind me of what my Mum would say about them... she always used to say only ladies of the street wear red shoes, thus I never owned a pair when I was younger, I finally bought some a couple of years ago after longing for them for years...guess what ? I never wear sad is that. hugs Laurie

Deb Hardman said...

We have the same feet! Maybe we're related!
Love the red shoes, very cute. & I like that they are flat. I don't do heels! Too painful.

I had trouble blogging until I switched to using "Windows Live Writer". It's under "tools" at the top of my screen. Click on Tools, & a drop down has "blog this in Windows Live Writer". It made it much easier, & it goes right to blogger when you hit "publish".

loulee said...

I had a giggle! A friend of mine says 'Red shoes, no knickers'!
I hope your foot feels better soon.

Joyce said...

I did not know that fat migrates up from the feet. Here I thought it was from over eating and under exercising! Thanks for the info. Now I can stop feeling guilty.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your new red shoes are gorgeous!! Sorry to hear of your feet troubles - no fun at all. Hope the insole and rest does the trick so you can dance at the wedding:)

Leanne said...

Sore feet can hurt!!! And changes ones disposition. Hope the padding works.
Red shoes are divine!

Glad to hear Norton was helpful.

Re uploading photos check what what editor you are in. Go to design, click settings, look for "Select post editor". There is updated editor - if you have this clicked it will let you upload many photos at once & you can see them updating.
If in old editor (one I like) 5 photos at a time can be uploaded & I find easier to move about.

Might of helped.

Love Leanne

Bubble said...

ooooo Ali, i hope its not too sore!!! But those red shoes are to die for and worth the pain xxxxxx

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Ohhhh, I love those shoes! I have been looking for red shoes to wear to my own wedding and have not been able to find any. If you don't mind, where did you get those shoes!!