Thursday, October 07, 2010

Quite a Costly Lesson.

I don't have a lot of jewellery and I wear my engagement ring ,wedding ring, my late Mum's engagement ring and a keeper ring all the time. ( The keeper ring is a good fit and stops my Mum's rings from coming off as it is a bit large for my finger ) Occasionally I take them off for some reason if working in the garden but it must have been ages since I had a really close inspection of them. I noticed that my engagement ring was digging into my 4th finger every now and then. It had worn right down on the side touching my wedding ring, so I took it to the jeweller to get repaired.
 It required rebuilding on one side and all the claws around the diamond replacing. I was without it for a week and it cost NZ $235
to fix which was fair enough BUT the scary thing was that it was so worn I could have lost the diamond from it. So if you have been wearing your precious rings for many years as I have it might pay to check their condition. Also having a photo of precious things is a help if they happen to get lost or stolen. ( hard to steal if they are on one's finger ).
My ring came back looking great all clean and shiny and new and the gold band is now much wider. I'm very pleased with the workmanship and am happy to have learnt a lesson from this.


loulee said...

Because of my work I am only allowed to wear my wedding band, so all my precious stones only come out on special occasions. I'm glad you realised you had a problem before it was too late.

Joyce said...

I lost the diamond from my engagement ring, twice. The first time it fell onto the book I was reading. The second time it disappeared completely. I should have checked it more often than once every 25 years.

YouthHealth said...

Oh beautiful rings. Thats a good tip thanks for sharing that.