Friday, October 15, 2010


My Xeronema plant has 9 flowers out at the moment.( the most ever at one time ) It is quite a rare plant so I'm happy with it. ( Xeronema callistemon or Poor Knights Lily ) ( pronounced zeronema ).
The Netball result at the Commonwealth Games was wonderful. Well done the Silver Ferns! ( golden ferns now! )What a long hard quirky game it was - I couldn't watch at some stages and had to get up and leave the room - I get too excited. Congratulations on your Gold Medal ladies! ( sorry Australian friends - you played so well too, but we love to beat you sometimes! )
Thank you for your confirmation of my block placement. I am going with that layout ( previuos post ). A few parts are getting sewn together every spare moment I get. Wet weather is helping.
 It is fine this morning but things are still drying out, so I will be down in Kiwifruit block 3 later on. The green shoots are growing a little every day. Some flower buds are visible, but it is a slow season so far.


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

That plant loos very interesting.

How are the avocados going? We are getting about 2 nice big ones each week in organic pack - so soon we must start getting heaps.

Love Leanne

Jennifer said...

We let you beat us at netball because we beat you at hockey......*grin*

Anonymous said...

Oh Ali
Love your Xeronema. Mine is in flower for the second year running. Have three flowers this year. I love how there are all those little flowers within the big flower. My boys think the flowers look like the toilet brush he he.
Till next time

Meggie said...

Your Poor Knights Lily looks lovely.
I am glad you went with the layout of the quilt, it really does look good.
You have had some awful weather of late!