Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last evening at P and Q Group we had a "Bring Your Heirlooms Show and Tell."  As NZ does not have a long quilting history ( generally speaking ) I was not surprised that no one came along with a quilt made by their Grandma. BUT we did have other lovely old items made by Mums; Grandmas ; Aunts and Great Grandmothers.
 Heather's doll made by her Mum is not so old in itself but has very old lace and fabrics used in it. Just Beautiful.
The woollen  baby dress was knitted on Bike spokes and was so, so fine and soft. Obviously well protected from Moths all these years.
This small shawl had been made on hairpins by D's mother. There were many embroidered cloths and napkins.  Some knitted lace and  crotchet. Even a very old felt pin cushion that had belonged to a Grandma of someone now in her 70s.
 We are having the same Show and tell with our Friday group later this week.


Deb said...

Those are such treasures, aren't they. We take for granted how easy it is to get fabrics, wool or whatever our fancy is, but the reality is, it was not easy at all when our grandmothers were crafting. Think how amazed they would be by the internet and the wide range of amazing things out there. As much as I admire the quilts I see these days, I have a completely different respect and admiration for those that were made by our forebears. Bicycle spokes and!!! And they are so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Meggie said...

How gorgeous those treasures are! I love seeing old things, and just wish I could display my Grandmother's old crochet items.

Bubble said...

what a great idea xxxxx