Friday, October 01, 2010

Position of Blocks.

The number of completed bento box blocks is growing. Here they are laid out on the floor. My eye is telling me it is the almost solid black shapes that are holding the design together. The rest of the blocks are rather busy.
Without changing any this is how it looks side on.  It is still at the moving them around stage. I have more to make to complete the oblong shape needed. I think I need even more blocks with the solid black????  I need  to make 6 more complete blocks. ( 20 in total ) Any suggestions anyone?
 Then what about borders...I'm pretty sure at least one will be solid black.With maybe one colour as well.
Later today I will need to pick the blocks up but can save this layout by using the photos.
It isn't raining and we have been promised a sunny weekend. That would be lovely.


molly said...

I'm loving this [and I usually don't care for black!]I do think the solid black anchors it and a little more of it would be good....Agree that one border should definitely be black!

Meggie said...

I am with Molly, for one black border. It is looking good, and I love the colours which lighten the mood.
Hope you have a sunny weekend. You have certainly been copping plenty of the wet & miserable!

Leanne said...


Due to you I have a dishwasher again.
I followed your advise and contacted F & P even tho dishwasher was out of warranty & now it is fixed. YES YES YES!

Thank you Thank you ((HUGS)))

Love Leanne