Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gardening and Prizegiving.

Today is overcaste so I got into the garden early as I had plants I wanted to get in. The last few days have been suddenly hot with full sun - not good for new seedlings; not good for orchard work as there is no shade yet as the leaves are only just bursting out.( so very hot work the last 2 days )
I planted lettuces in the back bed of the herb garden. Raddish seed that I planted last Saturday are already up. All the other herbs are flourishing and the strawberries are beginning to flower.
Hostas are bursting into leaf.

Things in the flower garden are enjoying the long awaited heat. The iceland poppies are bright.
I planted out some flower seedlings too. Campanula ( cup and saucer type ); Zinnias; Schizanthus ( angel wings ) and white impatiens.
Last evening at Patchwork and Quilting group the Exhibition Committee put on a fun night and prize giving. We had a very special guest arrive.

 See the looks on their faces!

The "Minister for Women's Affairs." You can see how gorgeous she was.( strangely looking a bit like  Dame Edna  - and right into 1950s fashion! ) She also bore a strange resemblance to someone else I know quite well. She did a great job of handing out awards , ribbons and cups. She also gave away some potty prizes most kindly donated by Cushla's Fabrics. I won one , a lovely fat quarter.
 I think most of the ladies couldn't believe the performance she put on. Quite hilarious!
 No time for any serious sewing last night.
 I was thrilled with those who won the Viewers' Choice awards. Well done ladies!

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