Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nice Day For a Wedding.

It was a nice day for a wedding. Too hot between the hours of 2 and 3 and not enough trees for the guests to stand under. ( Labour weekend with hot weather - quite unusual! ) I will just show some photos of some of the details as I don't wish to put family photos up here without everyones' permission. The top photo shows the beautiful hand embroidery my sister in law did on the 3 little girls dresses. She has been busy for weeks making the dresses.

A cherry tree in their garden was in flower which added a soft fairytail quality.

To respresent all the strands and races being blended by this union different coloured sands were poured into this large jar.

Little bags of rice were given out by the bridesmaids and the rice was thrown by the guests ( the young boys especially liked this part ) - I wonder if it will sprout on the lawn next time it rains?  All the flowers were devine ; these on each table at the reception.

The place settings were lovely with a packet of flower seed for each guest to take and sow as a reminder of the day. I got given several other folk didn't want so must find a special place to sow them.

* The red shoes were very comfortable. We had a lovely night away and a great family reunion. It was ages since I had seen my 2 nieces and nephew and all the wider family.
It's back to busy, busy, busy around here now. Just so much to do in the orchard, but I will do just as much as I can manage and not stress.  Actually I think it's going to rain .( No sewing all weekend! )


molly said...

What beautiful smocking on those cute little girls!

Deb said...

I love the idea of the sands mixing together. Fabulous idea. Sounds like it was a beautiful day.

loulee said...

Those dresses do look lovely.
I'm glad it was a nice day.

Laurie said...

Ok, now I know why you were not at home on Monday I must have missed when you were away... Oh! what cute dresses I can see the hours in the work. and the sand was a fab idea ... glad you had a geat time and blessed with the weather.

Bubble said...

Gorgeous and i love the little girls with their flowers on their heads, beautiful. xxxx

Tracey Petersen said...

The little dresses are completely divine!

Meggie said...

What wonderful smocking! I adore the little girls, with their circlets of flowers. It looks such a pretty wedding. We are keeping our fingers crossed for sunny skies!
All my friends & rellies in NZ were amazed at Labour Weekend's wonderful weather- almost unheard of!