Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Quilt Top Completed.

With the weather being so changeable this week I have got quite a bit done, by mainly staying inside. Here is one of the lovely Laurel Burch panels I got last Friday with the first border attached. The fabric is actually mauve not blue - strange how the camera sees it.

 This is how big it is going to be - just baby size. ( about 36 by 38" ) I have yet to decide if I am going to give it to someone I would like to make one for  or as I intended sell it on the sales table at our Exhibition that is now only just over a week away. Out on the clothes line flapping madly is a very bright purple moda marble that I will put on the back. ( I washed it cause it is very bright and I just didn't quite trust that it wouldn't run with washing. ) It didn't so that's good.
All my seeds that I planted and are INSIDE the garden shed are up. The ones in the garden could be anywhere - washed away possibly. The wind sure battered my anemones that are just out. R's peas are well up but not so big that they are damaged.

Here is the jelly bag hanging with guava juice being extracted. Yesterday R measured out 2.5 litres and today 2. It then goes back in the freezer till we want to make jelly with it.
 I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday as R was using the computer to write a long letter which he did and lost when the power went off. SO he did it again in the afternoon and the same thing happened - he was not amused. I think he managed okay this morning. No outages today so far - it is much calmer.
 The sprayer has just arrived so spray liquid fish fertiliser on the ground under the Kiwifruit vines. We will smell a bit high for a few days.
 I am trying not to scratch as I went to the doctors on Tuesday  and had several early stage skin cancers frozen off  my back with dry ice. The larger patch I thought was skin cancer the doctor gave me cream for as she thinks it's a patch of dermatitis - we'll see. I actually saw the same doctor I saw last year - that must make her my doctor I suppose - lets hope she stays ;she is nice; she is young and  plump and merry. That's good.
 I am currently reading, " Wild Swans, " by Jung Chang. It won the NCR book Award way back in 1992. I didn't read it then. I got this old copy at a used book sale last year. It is compelling grizzly reading. My goodness what a life those women had. Let's hope things really are better for women in China these days. 


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

mmm I thought with a baby quilt you had some news of being a granny & grandad.
It has turned out very sweet.

OOOh that would hurt dry ice on back. Seeing a dr annually sounds just right.

Love Leanne

Jennifer said...

Your quilt is great! Ouch to the back.....I have had skin cancers on my hands and face frozen off, and it's not fun.

Ali Honey said...

Although they hurt when she did them, so far the skin cancers are just itchy, not sore. It's annoying that I can't really see them even in the mirror.

Janice said...

What a lovely newsy post. Your little quilt is looking great. Here's hoping you have seen the last of the wild weather. We have little peas coming up too. We had a frost down to -5.2C on Wednesday. Just as well they are not further advanced. Take care of your back. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of colourful jars of jelly soon. I read Wild Swans a few years ago. It certainly is an eye opener compared to our history.

hlken53 said...

A knee-high stocking works very well for a jelly bag...not pantyhose but the shorter stocking. After you toss it away!