Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!

Yesterday was full on with an early start. I was driven by a younger friend and accompanied by 2 other younger friends who I hadn't seen for a year and on the way home by my cousin as well, so lots of talk and catching up...... so the journey time to Hamilton, just flew by.
 At the craft & Quilt Fair at Claudlands ( new building ) we were all a bit disappointed with the merchants but thoroughly enjoyed the Quilt display and the Fibre Arts Display. There were about 100 quilts. These are the ones that appealed to me. There was a display by guest quilter Chris Kenna. I had seen photos of her work but not up close in the flesh. The quilt on the left is one that won Best of Show at Symposium back in 2007.( Across the Bay 111 ) Her work delights me and it reminds me of painting by NZ artists Robin White and Don Binney.

This is also by Chris.
There was on display Australian quilts Best of each state. My pick was Kay Haerland's Under the canopy.

The NZ challenge was 7 Deadly Sins.
 I couldn't help but laugh at the humour in Gleeful Sinners by Eileen Campbell.

I also liked Dianne Firth's Entry.
Best Use of quilting was won by this 3 piece hanging Texas, by Barbara Haveman.
Other quilts I liked were by Irene Anderton made from recycled wool blankets. 
2 by Shirley Sparks also appealed.

The bottom section is woven folded fabric strips.

I Thought I saw Angels in My Gully by Norma Slabbert went to the World Quilt Show in 2009. It was very long and narrow.( the colour of the fabrics were those seen in Tapa cloth -  there were several quilts in these shades. )

Helen Pedersen of Wanganui won Best use of colour.( Congratulations Helen )

Judith Bryant of Marton had used her quilting stitches and a little fabric paint to create this. It reminded me of a fabulous doodle.

This is some detail from Birds of the Bay of Islands by Sonya Prchal. I wonder what it was she used as  the very realistic stamens in the pohutukawa flowers ?  Here is the whole quilt.

 I hope you can click on the photos to enlarge them and see all the fabulous detail.


Jennifer said...

Thank you Ali - such fantastic quilts!

Deb said...

I went today Ali and, like you was disappointed in the merchants too. Was not there for long at all. I enjoyed the exhibition. Some amazing pieces of work. Your photos are very different to mine this time!!

molly said...

Beautiful stuff!

Helen said...

Hi Ali

Thanks for your congratulations. It was such a thrill to receive the news of my prize. I wasn't intending to go to the Craft Fair this year but I couldn't resist seeing my quilt with a ribbon next to it :-)I made a quick trip up with my friend Frances and we really enjoyed ourselves. I thought the quilts were of a very high standard and the creative fibre exhibition provided a a lovely counterpoint. We also went to see the Aotearoa Quilters National Association of New Zealand challenge "On the Surface" at the Arts Post Gallery and the Waikato Embroiderer's Guild exhibition at Greenslade House in Hamilton East. Along with some retail therapy we had a stitch-saturated weekend..

Pam said...


(Alas, I'm too squeamish to squash slugs. And I haven't seen a hedgehog in years. Pity, since they could eat themselves very fat in our garden.

Meggie said...

Some truly fantastic quilts!!