Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Quite Quilt in a Day.

Not quite a quilt in a day but one in less than a week, which for me is fast.
I kept the quilting very simple with stitch in the ditch and this design in the plainer border. I am very pleased with how it turned out and I hope the late Laurel would like how I didn't cut up her lovely fabric, but let it speak for itself.

While thinking things mauve and purple I spotted this Tibouchina just as the rain cleared and the sun came out for half an hour. To my eye this is a purple / mauve on the red side of the spectrum where the fabric in my quilt is on the blue side of the spectrum. ( I think they often fight if put together. ) The camera still makes the colour in the quilt look blue not mauve.
 It just shows if there is lots of wet, windy, inside weather; lots of World Cup Rugby games to watch, what I can get done. ( I have made soup and Foccacia bread and orange and date muffins as well - even some housework and Spring cleaning! )
    Leanne I think there might have to be a couple of pukekos ( NZ native bird of the Rallidae family, for those in other countries -[ Porphyrio porhyrio ] - just looked that up! ) ( the ones with the red beaks and the hilarious walk )  get some lead around here too. They are nibbling my silverbeet- okay I am willing to share that BUT I do not want my seeds just coming up pulled out or some flax plants I just replanted being pulled out either. I have found both peahen and pukeko poo in the area so don't want to shoot the wrong culprit. It is surprising just how big a plant they can pull out and how strong their beaks must be. We really like the pukekos but not if they get too destructive.
                         Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters' Group Exhibition.

For anyone who lives in BOP or Hamilton or close by our exhibition is coming up starting this Friday 23rd;  - for 3 days. Note it is in a NEW venue - not where we have been the last few years. Parking should be plentiful and FREE.


molly said...

Love your Laurel Burch quilt. A week! Impressive! The quilting in the border is very pretty. I have a panel of her horse fabric which I hope to, one day, make into a quilt for my youngest, horse-mad daughter! But it won't be done by next week!

Laurie said...

Hi Ali... what a shame I will miss your expo. I am going to a retreat at Tui Ridge with the embroidery guild from Friday to Sunday ... love the little quilt.
hugs Laurie