Monday, September 12, 2011

New Fabric and Books.

Firstly Thank you for your comments. I am wondering if you are going to show any photos of the quilts you liked at the Craft and Quilt Fair Deb?
I did buy 2 new books last Friday. The Scrap Quilt Sensation had 2 dog eared pages so was reduced in price and I got it for NZ $20. Having browsed through them I am pleased with these purchases.I went around all the fabric stalls and picked out a few I am collecting with  projects in mind. You can see I am finding some spot fabric - mostly I want green on green or blue on blue etc but have some with white spots too. I am also getting some more batiks - just love them. The other 2, one with owls were just because I liked them. The Glitter fabric crayon is for a class I'm going to be doing next month, with Hazel Foote. 

 Dale you asked about the merchants. There seemed to be less; some certainly weren't there this year most surprisingly missing was NZ Quilter and their Minerva Books. Less fabric stalls and maybe more scrapbooking and some ghastly $2 stalls right in the middle. Many stalls seemed to have just the same ol same ol. I heard many comments that folk were disappointed and didn't stay at the show nearly as long as they usually do. I too think things are changing....moving on... not sure what to yet.

 On the way home we went to a quilt fabric shop in Cambrigde which had an amazing selection of fabric.

I saw 2 Laurel Burch panels in lovely colours for $9 and got a metre of  a similar colour to go with it. The butterfly fabric was an " I like it, " buy so I got a metre - most unusual colours for butterflies.( 2 tone grey with a gold outline. )
Here are 2 shots of the folk looking at the Fibre Arts display.


Now on to something completely different. I won't bother to explain why, but this morning I went to where stuff is stored in a cupboard/wardrobe and also houses the hot water cylinder for the bathroom next door. I noticed a large ( a least a foot square ) wet patch of soggy carpet. The ajax valve had been slowly dripping for I don't know how long. ( I don't need to go into that cupborad !!! ) So had to call the plumber. Badly put in old ajax valve ( it was someone in their firm! )with a screw missing. (If your water pressure had been stronger you would have had a major flood ! - sort of comment ) Anyway I have been drying out the spoilt carpet all day and think it is nearly dry. Strange how you set out to do a simple ( yeah right ) task and it turns into a big problem.
It has been a mostly inside sort of day. We got a needed inch of rain yesterday but now have a very destructive wind trashing everything and sending garden debris high into the air, under doors and into sheds.( in other words lots of cleaning up. )


Janice said...

I'm glad you found some nice bits and bobs despite the show being less impressive than previously. I hope your cleanup doesn't take too long.

Meggie said...

Love your fabric choices- I am an Owl freak, so to say! Also love those cats.
I suspect those leaks for Hot Water are the reason it is law over here, that all tanks must be outdoors. No more hot-water-cylinder cupboards, in which to air our linen!
Good luck with the garden debris.

Helen said...

I just finished re-reading that book. I took it off my shelf where it's been since I bought it in the 90s. I keep looking at middle aged chineese speaking people in the street (and the f&v market) and wondering what stories they could tell. What a priviledged life I lead! thanks for sharing, I love the cats.