Thursday, September 01, 2011

Some of London's Parks and Gardens.

Battersea Park was only about 200 metres from where J and V live. It is a huge park with gardens, fountains, ( above ) playing fields,  tennis courts, cricket pitch, athletics track and follies. All set around a large lake and lots of huge old trees.

Where the park meets the Thames is the impressive Peace Pagoda.
Landmarks to save me getting lost were the Battersea Power Station and gas works. It is a great place to walk or run, picnic or play.
There were quite tame squirrels in Battersea Park and here in St. James's Park.
These wild flowers were in St. James's Park.
This is part of the Princess Diana Memorial  Fountain which is in Kensington park / Hyde Park near the Serpentine. She would be so pleased to see how well used and played in it was on a warm day. Not many things around London are designed with littlies in mind but this certainly was.
This bright display was in St. James's Park near Buckingham Palace and these

were right in front.
This lovely little Knot garden is hidden away at Lambeth Palace where there is now a Garden Museum. They had run a planter competition and this was a vegetable planter that took my eye.

Another rather hidden garden that is pleasant to pop into is in front of Whitehall.


molly said...

Makes me want to live someplace civilized!! Love those wild flowers though....

Pam said...

Wow! You had blue skies one day!