Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quilts . ( Part 2 )

Thanks for commenting Jennifer and Isabelle.  I think our group does work of quite a high standard from what I see elsewhere. ( overseas even )
I wonder if you are like me ? When I see a fabric display like the batiks ( that tell you Milton Wright is here )in all the colours of the rainbow I get a real buzz just standing and drinking in the wonderful colours and how they look along side their neighbours. ( Displays of cottons; wools; coloured pencils or pens all do it for me. ) Luckily Milton always lets us stare for ages (with or without buying ).

Maybe like J you prefer a more muted palette of colours? She is a very talented needlewoman ( who also makes exquiste small bags )and almost always works in thses colours.
Detail of the cyclamen from J's quilt.

And the fantail on a branch. I love her work but the colours don't excite me. These ones below do.

 Over the last few years I have seen at various shows this same quilt made in so many different colourways.

Denise made this for a friend's birthday...lucky friend.

Some of our group made this quilt during the year as a mystery block. So there were several the same - but all different. L likes greens.

The colours in Pat's quilt were muted but went perfectly together.

Do you prefer simple tried and true designs...they still work well.

 The avocado picking got finished with another 4.5 bins yesterday.

So now the trees have only about half the number of fruit left on them to size up. The hydralada hire cost will be high as they were slow doing select picking but we are still hoping for a good price. Watch out in Australia there are some lovely avocados making there way across the ditch to you!                                                    ***********
 I have been out closely inspecting the new grass patch but can't see anything yet.
 I am trying to decide which quilting project to start on next ?????


Helen said...


Will you tell J that I just adore her quilt. What beautiful work and to see it hand quilted as well! Did she use a commercial pattern, do you know?

I was intrigued to see the pictures of your merchant booths. I knew all of them except the last one, in Te Puna, was it? Can you tell me where it is for the next time I am up that way?

Thanks for the show pictures. I really enjoy seeing what other clubs do. Lots of hard work, I know that!!

Jennifer said...

More lovely quilts, the show was certainly a high standard. Love the Pacifika design!

molly said...

When you give J Helen's message, please add a ditto from me. I love her gentle, muted colours, and her stitching and workmanship are exquisite!

Janice said...

You have some very talented ladies over there. It would have been lovely looking at all the quilts and the complimentary stalls. Those avos look scrummy. I remember when they were considered an exotic oddity,but can't imagine not buying them every week now.

Deb Hardman said...

Gosh Ali, It's been a while since I've dropped in on you. So many beautiful pictures of quilts & flowers since I last stopped in!

The flow of your show was interesting. I like how the quilts were spaced.

The quilts are all beautiful. I was intrigued by the black & white Cristmas quilt, with just the touch of red stars. At first I thought the photo was B&W until I clicked on for a closer look! Very clever.

It's always fun to see your seasons too. As we head into winter here, your summer is on its way. Thanks as always for dropping a line on my blog too!

Nicky said...

What a beautiful display of quilts, such a lot of work! I do love those traditional patterns, but I think I would get a little bored if making a huge quilt. Great to hear the avo picking has gone well. I've been wondering how the lawn sprouting would go, looked so easy, got to love that! No doubt it will be green in a day or two.
Have fun with the quilting project that wins out!

Darlene said...

Hi Ali, I was just having a look at the wonderful quilts. You are a very talented group. I too was wondering if J used a commercial pattern for her quilt. The fantails are beautiful.

Lynne.W said...

Beautiful quilts all of them but I also especially love J's quilt. It's not my usual colour range but it is beautiful. Is there anywhere we can see ,more?

BN Bird said...

Typical of a quilter, I am challenged by a quilt that catches my imagination. Is there a commercial pattern available for the bird quilt??

Borntosew said...

Is there a pattern for j's cyclamen quilt

Carol Brook said...

I love the quilt with the fantail, is the pattern available for purchase? I would be grateful if you could let me know. My email is many thanks

Zeynep Maule said...

Hi. Like some of your followers, I too am looking for J's cyclamen quilt pattern? Is it available please?
Thanks. My email is

MJB842 said...

Similarly like the ladies above, would love a pattern of the cyclamen quilt. M

Dorena said...

Hi love J quilt also and I’m also interested to know if she has a pattern to share? Thanks so much , Dorena