Monday, September 26, 2011

Quilts. ( Eye Candy. )

As promised here are some of the quilts and wall hangings I liked best in our Exhibition.
Faye's blue quilt was completely reversable. It had been done by quilt as you go ( That is each square is quilted while small then all are put together with the thin blue sashing strips.) It was a small quilt but just yummy.
Gladys, who made this botanical quilt/ wall hanging is  one of most senior memebers - she  is a fabulous creative quilter.
The fabric Maureen used in her small Oriental looking quilt was fabulous .
Pat's Christmas wall hanging was very much to my liking. Note the addition  of a few red jewel decorations.
Trish made this very simple quilt while on holiday at the beach.( from scraps. ) Here below  is some detail of the quilting .

I'm not really into pink but most of the little girl's visiting the show were.
Shirley's small  Pink quilt.

 There was something vaguely familiar about this quilt.... I still like it.
Finally because EVERYTHING in NZ is about rugby at the moment Robin made this display quilt out of a  farbric panel to encourage the AB's to play well.
 part 2 tomorrow.   ( click on photos to enlarge them. )


Jennifer said...

The Botanical hanging is really beautiful....and the black and white quilt looks familiar!

molly said...

Your Bento Box quilt holds its own very nicely!