Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Weather in Edinburgh.

As with all places Edinburgh I am sure Isabelle has all types of weather. ( Yesterday Isabelle said it was dull and damp. ) Yes, we did both buy umbrellas and I bought a tartan scarf ( all of which got used later in the Lake District ) when in your city. BUT it also showed us lovely blue skies!
 We were very privileged where we stayed. It was right in the middle of the Royal Mile, straight up above the 3 red phone boxes.
We could look out the window and see street entertainer down below.

Of course we loved visiting the castle. The stones everywhere in old Edinburgh are so old you know when the centre of a stone step is curved with use that it's been there a while. ( I hated all the steps! )
I'm glad there was a small garden area to soften that hard exterior.

The view from the castle was wonderful in every direction.

Now that is a clear blue sky...belonging to the Queen as this is her garden at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. I am glad she was there the week before us or we wouldn't have seen her garden  ;  palace; old abbey or Art Exhibition. ( Durer to Holbein )
 When it did rain we found ( like Jane from Rugby  found ) that camera Obscurer was a fascinating place to visit.

 I also liked the piano playing dog with his singing cats.

*Thank you Isabelle and Mr. Life for having us to visit. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both and the fabulous cats.
* Thank you Michael for your generosity and wonderful coffee, I hope your accommodation gets well used.

* Thank you Andrew for showing us parts of your city and the amazing tea.( R loved  the Scotch Whiskey Society. )
( Visit " Anteagues" for a huge selection ot teas ( especially the gunpowder one ) and fine antiques ( at  17 Clarke Street. )
 I will let the piper have the final say.


Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

It looks like a lovely place. Thanks for letting us visit it with you through pictures.

Pam said...

It was lovely to meet you. Sorry we couldn't lavish more attention on you, seeing as how Grandson thoughtlessly decided to be born that day! Next time we'll take you on a city tour...

Nicky said...

Gorgeous photos - I can't wait to see some castles for real one day ...... will imagine it through your beautiful pics for now though!